1 1/2" traditional belt - Chestnut


Size Guide

This belt is suitable for the R.M Williams Logo Buckle or it can be worn on its own. 

It is important to note that your belt size is not the same as your jeans size.


To get the perfect fit either go up 2 inches from your R.M.Williams jean size or measure your hips using this size chart. PLEASE REFER TO THE SIZE GUIDE FOR THE SIZE CHART. 

The additional 2 inches to your measurement will allow enough room for the belt to go around your jeans.

Ideally, you want the buckle to be sitting in the middle hole.

The Traditional belt is a staple for everyday dressing, with a 1 1/2" double butt leather strap and a unique interchangeable buckle feature, for versatile wear. This belt is proudly crafted in the Adelaide workshop.