pampeano Polo Belt - 'Lider'


Size Guide

Stand ahead of the crowd with the premium leather Lider pampeano belt. Meaning Leader in Spanish, the Lider was inspired by regal colours, particularly military dress, so this belt will bring out your inner confidence with any outfit.

All of the premium pampeano belts are handmade by local artisans in Argentina from top quality local materials, from the hand picked leather to the vibrant wax-dipped saddlery thread. The leather undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process which ensures it remains butter soft for years to come. Then the design is delicately hand stitched on, taking up to five hours to complete. This love and care that goes into each of these pieces really translates into a quality premium product, that will be a staple of your wardrobe for many years.

The rich red, cream, navy and golden threading makes for a perfect unisex belt, which goes well with everything from a casual suit to around the waist of a long woollen cardigan for the ladies.