Kids- Skinny pampeano Polo Belt - 'Multi' 70cm


This skinny version of our best-selling Multi pampeano polo belt is perfect for those who love the more delicate elements to their outfits.

The Multi is adorned with five bold colours; navy, racing green, cream, light blue and red. One of our all-time best sellers, the vibrant Multi belt will last for years to come.

Also known as Aztec belts, polo belts bear unique pampa designs, making an iconic statement. Only the highest grade of premium quality, buttery Argentine leather and the finest quality saddlery threads are used in creating these stunning pieces. This polo belt has been skillfully made in our workshop by true artisans and take four to five hours to hand craft and stitch each one.

These polo belts are made for both men and women of any age; the Multi is a fine choice from our collection.

Often proving to be a focal point of conversations and compliments, a pampeano polo belt is the perfect gift for a loved one or the ideal addition to your own wardrobe. The Multi can be worn with polo whites, jodhpurs, jeans, chinos, skirts, around coats and even dresses.